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September Luncheon: A Ride on the Union Pacific Rail

upj BaordThank you to the Union Pacific Railroad for hosting our FIA September luncheon. First time our luncheon was on a train! Attendees were treated to a ride through Fairfax to Wolcott, KS on spacious passenger cars. We also had special guests, Mayor Mark Holland and his father, Ron Holland, join us. As you can see from the pictures, everyone had a great time. Also, special thanks to Ben Jones of the Union Pacific and Judy Timmerman of General Motors for making this event possible and all of the Union Pacific representatives that helped host the ride and give out interesting pieces of information about the UP during the ride

Fairfax Drainage District Update on Floodwall Repair Project

By: Steve Dailey, General Manager, Fairfax Drainage District

Bids were received on September 16, 2014 for Phase II of the BPU Floodwall Improvement project.

The project involves construction of underseepage infrastructure consisting of 14 new pressure relief wells, transmission lines and modifications of an existing pumping station and discharge lines.

The low bid was $2,982,271 (Fuel Tank Maintenance Co.) and should be awarded later this month. 65% of this amount is being funded by the
Corps of Engineers and the rest is being funded by BPU (26%) and the FDD (9%).

The project should be completed in late 2015 or early 2016.

The Phase I improvements, which consisted on new foundation support piles and buttresses, will be completed by L. G. Barcus & Sons in November of this year. The Phase I project cost was just under $3 million.

The Fairfax Drainage District is pleased that both Phases will be completed significantly under the original estimate of $15 million and the fact that the selling of bonds (and increased tax liability to FDD constituents) was not necessary.

FIA Works for You: 

New Fairfax Sign No 1Fall is in the air and numerous projects continue in the Fairfax District.   The new traffic lights and road pavement project at Stanley/Donovan and Fairfax Trafficway is underway and should be completed by October 16th.  Plans continue to replace and/or repair curbing along Sunshine Road.  Thanks to the coordinated efforts of the Fairfax Drainage District, FIA, Unified Government, KDOT and MODOT, two new "Fairfax Dist Way" signs have been erected on southbound I-635.  A third sign is to be installed soon.  New construction continues to move forward at the Public Levee and along Kindelberger Road.  The new US 69 Bridge work is scheduled to begin shortly.  FIA works hard to keep businesses informed.  If you ever have questions or concerns effecting your business, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 913-915-2327. New Fairfax Sign No 2 

Rep. Kevin Yoder, 3rd District of Kansas, Speaks at FIA August Luncheon

Congressman Yoder memberportraitCongressman Kevin Yoder (R-KS-03) spoke at the Fairfax Industrial Association's monthly meeting at the General Motors Fairfax Assembly Plant in Kansas City, Kansas on Thursday, August 14, 2014. Rep. Yoder updated the group about issues facing Congress and the 3rd District, as well as highlighted his efforts to stop harmful regulations that would hinder businesses and job growth to the Fairfax Industrial Association (FIA).

During Rep. Yoder's speech to local leaders and FIA members, he discussed the new compliance regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency at length. As you may know, unfunded mandates being pushed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would increase a typical Wyandotte citizen's electric bill nearly 20 percent and force the BPU to spend $250 million. Rep. Yoder spoke about the legislation he introduced, H.R. 4654 the Lower Electric Bill Act of 2014, which would delay these new rules for 5 years so we can study the economic impact these regulations. Delaying the new compliance regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency while we search for better alternatives is important in efforts to protect general consumers, as well as the power companies, from burdensome utility bills and harmful mandates.

After the FIA meeting, Rep. Yoder toured the General Motors Fairfax Assembly Plant to visit with employees and see production in action.

Rep. Yoder appreciated the opportunity to speak at the Fairfax Industrial Association monthly meeting and truly enjoyed listening to concerns and answering the thoughtful questions from the audience.Yoder 8-2014

Fairfax Vision: Brainstorming Session

Focus Meeting - WebA Fairfax Vision brainstorming session was held Aug 20th at the KCK Chamber office. The session focused on what Fairfax needs and should look like going in to the future, focusing on Fairfax's strengths and weaknesses. A group of business owners, landowners, developers, government and utility entities were invited so that each group could give their own perspective.

At the end of the four hour session, we were able to come up with a "Top 3" list of strengths and weaknesses of the Fairfax District. They are as follows: Top 3 Strengths (in order of importance) (1) a lot of new growth going on and the potential of more; (2) location, location, location, (3) affordable space. Top 3 Weaknesses (in order of importance) (1) infrastructure and vacant/abandoned buildings; (2) property appraisal process; (3) workforce.

The next step will be to focus on what we can do with these strengths and weaknesses for the betterment of the Fairfax district.

I would like to thank all of those who attended: John Latenser – Neff Packaging, Rob Richardson – Unified Government, Phil Musser – BPU, Mark Nobrega – Central Solutions, Steve Dailey – Fairfax

Drainage District, Mary Vrla – Kansas Gas Service, Mark Long – Zimmer Real Estate Services, Richard Sheldrake – Mark One Electric, Judy Timmerman – General Motors, Barb Moore – Union Pacific Railroad, Valerie Mussett – Design Mechanical, Stacey Woodyard – Fagan Company, Major Thomas McMillan – KCKPD, Greg Kindle – KCK Chamber & WDEC, Jason Banks – Mayor's Office, Jay Matlack – WDEC and Cindy Cash – Moderator.

A special thanks to Cindy Cash who served as the moderator, Mary Vrla of One Gas who came up with the idea for this session and provided lunch
and Greg Kindle and his staff for their help and hospitality at the KCK Chamber.

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