4 thoughts on “Update: Fire Station Proposal in FIA District

  1. This sounds like a terrible idea!!!

    There are many concerns that I have. Here are just a few:

    1. Have they factored in the effect that trains have on response times? Many of these routes are frequently blocked by trains
    2. This does not seem to account for the nature of an industrial fire versus a residential fire. This is coming from someone who is currently working in a large warehouse full of old, dried wood.
    3. Longer response times can negatively effect our insurance premiums, unlike residential coverage.
    4. Does the number of trucks increase at the Quindaro location? That does not seem to be the case, and our 4 minute response would only come with 1 pumper truck.
    5. The Quindaro house seems much smaller. Is it large enough for the increase in volume?

  2. As I understand it #5 needs lots of improvement of the facility. Will there be any improvement in the facility in order to accomodate additional personnel? Will additional equipment be added (truck, pumper,)? What is the current call volume for #5; will the proposal increase the call volume for #5 and what effect will that have on the other areas that are covered by #5?

  3. Why do we needed to close down a fire station in Fairfax , adding a other fire station which seems like a good idea increasing the number from 18 to19 station. I have a home very close to Fairfax I hear an see fire station # 5 constantly head toward Fairfax. I feel this would be a overload if UG close down any station, We the citizen of Wyandotte deserve better!

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