Fairfax Railroad Crossing

Update: 5/13/2020
As I’m sure anyone is aware who travels through Fairfax, our railroad crossings are in desperate need of repair.  FIA has been working to get this done for quite some time.

The Union Pacific Railroad (UP) and Unified Government (UG) are responsible for the maintenance of these crossings.  There are 34 crossings in the Fairfax District.  FIA put together a spreadsheet listing all crossings in Fairfax, repairs needed and prioritized.  Please see FAIRFAX RAILROAD CROSSINGS

The UP has committed to repairing 18 of these crossings, both the crossing and approaches, this year!  The UP Tie Gang that does these repairs was scheduled to start work in March, but due to the COVID-19 crisis, have had to wait.  They will begin construction as soon as they are able.  The UG had committed $300k to crossing repairs in Fairfax.  They will be allocating this money towards an additional 3 crossings that FIA has given a priority 1 in need of repair.  So this will be 21 of the 34 crossings to be redone this year.  The UP and UG have committed to repairs for this year.

If you feel there is a crossing that is not on the repair list but needs immediate attention, email Melissa Clark

Updated 5/13/2020 / You can also download it here.