Time to Vote for the FIA 2019 Board Members

Each year, half of the FIA board member positions are up for election. We alternate between Class A and Class B members to handle this process. The FIA Board would like to recommend the following slate for the Class A 2019 Board Members:

Rachel Chambers – ErgonArmor

Steve Dailey – Fairfax Drainage District

Carlos Quijas – BPU

Marty Quinn – Industrial Lumber

Dan Reardon – Reardon Pallet

Judy Timmerman – General Motors

Only current FIA members that have businesses in the Fairfax District (Resident Members) can cast a vote. There is only one vote per business.

Please let us know if you approve the slate recommended or would like to nominate someone else.

The deadline is 11am Mon, 11/5/2018 and you can respond by clicking here or filling out the form below.

Thank you!

Do You Approve the Slate?

    Do you approve of the slate?
    Yes, I approve the slateNo, I do not approve the slate (you can also specify alternate nominee below)